David Behrens

David brings his expertise through his in-depth study and practice of Meditation while living 27 years as a teaching monk in a international retreat site and school of Yoga in South India. There he learned the eastern and yogic philosophy’s which are the origin of Mindfulness and developed his knowledge of health and well-being through study of Ayurvedic Medicine. He transitioned from his monastic life in 2007 to further his studies of Mindfulness and Homeopathy. Through his knowledge of Mindfulness and Meditation he has developed a therapeutic model to serve Mental Health Recovery, Relapse Prevention and Pain & Stress Management.Mindfulness offer tools and practices that empower an individual to manage the many challenges that arise as one is on a journey of Mental Health orSubstance Abuse Recovery . These practices offer ways to develop a healthy relationship with one’s own mind and abilities to make the best choices.

Our programs invite people to be active participants in caring for themselves, using their internal resources to cultivate health, happiness and well-being in all kinds of circumstances. Mindfulness is being aware of what is happening as it’s happening in an open, non-judgmental, accepting, and compassionate way.

These programs are now being funded by the NHS at Severn & Wye Recovery College where they are offered as 4 week Mindfulness Based Programs for Mental Health Recovery throughout the year in several locations in Gloucestershire.

In the Nelson Trust 4-5 week Mindfulness based programs are offered weekly as part of their 6 month abstinence based program for drug and alcohol addiction.

In London these Mindfulness – based programs are effective for managing stress in the work place and recently were offered for the staff of the EOS Financial Management Firm and staff of the NHS Gloucestershire CCG.

Mindfulness-based programs can offer effective tools and skills that empower and resource an individual. They compliment well and enhance a counselling/psychotherapy program.  More information and details see David’s website http://mindfulnessprograms.org