Retreats and Adventure Therapy

Sense Of Self

Sense of Self Retreat

The inspiration of this unique retreat stems from a desire from the team to offer some true reflective space where an invited guest can make their way to these beautiful surroundings and choose to participate in reflecting on their relationship with themselves and significant others.

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Philip Trenchard on a retreat

Isle Of Wight

This is a unique residential therapy experience for a family group (i.e. adult(s), young people and/or children that are connected in a meaningful way), based on the Isle of Wight. Each day includes the adventure of sailing together, reflective space and a group activity, all facilitated by a small, experienced, and skilful team.

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Awakening Relationship Retreat

Through sometime spent with a host therapist an individual can engage in some reflective space in beautiful surroundings that can be supported by a wide range of treatments that are designed to Resource, build Resilience and promote Reflexivity.

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Vision Quest

Vision Quest

The event is facilitated by 3 experienced tutors; Arian Leljak, Roger Duncan and Richard Pirie, as well as Philip Trenchard, Psychotherapist, with the aim of engaging young people with a number of experiential and flexible activities in a calm, natural environment, either individually, in small groups or with family.

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Woodland and Beach Adventure

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