What we are doing

At the Familyship Practice we are able to offer assessments, short interventions, long term psychotherapy, and family systemic work.We work within schools where we provide school counselling with children aged between 5-13.

We can on occasions utilise each other’s skills and experience to assist the clients process. We also work with adolescents up to age 18 where we provide consultations with parents and senior school staff. With younger children we provide play therapy and one to one tailored support with parents.With adolescents we treat young people who have experienced self-harm, eating disorders, conduct disorders, bereavement, who are depressed or anxious, who suffer from insecurity and lack of confidence, who struggle to manage aggressive feelings and who maybe find it difficult to establish their own identity.

We are able to work with families coping with the adjustment of divorce and separation.

We have experienced supervisors able to provide consultations to individuals and teams within the private and public sector.
Philip Trenchard has brought small teams of professionals together to facilitate retreats and enrichment activities, as well as home based therapy and treatment plans.