What we think

“Relational personability” is the core of our approach. This means we offer validation, respect and hold in mind the multitude of ways to view a problem and work to bring about understanding and improve communication. Our work integrates child and family theoretical approaches when faced with systemic issues in families and couples difficulties.

All of us originate in an environment that has been an attempt at family. Some of us are more welcome and loved/nurtured than others but we have little choice with whom we spend our formative years, and yet we all know how critical these times are for shaping us in the future. There are certainly times in the cycle of our lives that become more stressful than others, especially around change and transitions.

As a service we recognise the importance of a tailored response for those who have found the courage to ask for help. We understand that people react differently to presenting problems and help in understanding each other can be the key to resolving our difficulties.

We also believe that relationships, given the right core conditions, can be a place to change the way we live with the past.

Thanks so much for the training on Weds. It was wonderful to see the rapport in the room. It’s been some journey for all of us at Families First (Troubled Families) and you have been absolutely integral to it. I really hope we get to see more of you in the future, all the staff voted for you as one of their top 3 things to take forward! Hope to see more of you in the future in training, supervisor and practice development. Families First practice development manager for GCC


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